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            Nurture Your Adrenal Purpose

Cameron First came to the idea of starting a Facebook page, and getting whoever was interested in focussing for one month on the health of the adrenal glands! for the month, Cameron was doing pretty much Daily posts on info on the adrenals, stress, lifestyle, what affects them, and also how to help nurture them through, nutritional, lifestyle, mental, emotional, and movement.

It was such a big topic, that Cameron decided to continue and every month focus on adrenals and stress and how they can effect other organs, glands, and systems. For example, stress and adrenal health can and does affect our immunity, our thyroid and metabolism, our digestive system and health, our sex organs, reproduction, and contraception, moods, and much, much more!!

Cameron Also runs lecture based workshops for the public to attend. He shares a wealth of knowledge, has assessments so you can see where your at, and also gives you plenty of practical things you can start doing straight away so you can take control of your health and life.

He also runs working-in sessions which is tai-chi and chi gong based. You will learn how to do these movements for specific organs and glands, it will also effect your neural and hormonal systems in a positive way, and help bring balance to these systems, which is great way to do something for yourself which will really nourish the above mentioned systems...