Cameron has been working with clients since 1999. He takes a holistic approach to coaching them. Cameron incorporates a range of modalities into effective protocols and educational focussed coaching for his clients, to obtain optimal health and vitality. Cameron is a C.H.E.K practitioner level 2 and a C.H.E.K HLC practitioner level 3, he also has extensive experience in NLP and holistic coaching. Giving him experience to work with injury and rehab, nutrition and lifestyle issues and modifications, and even on the deeper levels of the mind and the emotions around limiting you from achieving your goals and dreams.

Cameron's philosophy is to practice what He preaches, it is the most vital thing he can do to help every single one of his clients, and  anyone he talk to. A wise man once told him "you can't give anything you don't have". So for Cam to continually educate himself and work on himself, will give him the ultimate tool (experience) to help coach his clients. Cameron is passionate about life on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. He is excited to work on his legacy daily, and to coach others how to do the same. 

Cameron has been running workshops for the public, trainers and other health care professionals since 2010.

He has been focussed on a line of workshops based on stress, lifestyle and its effect on our hormonal, and nervous system, and how that can affect some of the major organs and systems of our body. Stay tuned to see Cameron's unique and practical workshops, which are very informative, and loads of practical tools to take home and start implementing straight away!