The NEW ELDOA PROGRAM is offered as a stand-alone program in 6 Levels

Australia and New Zealand

Level 1 -  Intro to ELDOA – The Foundational Exercises

Level 2 -  L5-S1 to C2-C3

Level 3 - Ribs, Shoulders and Hips

Level 4 - Sacroiliac Joint and Pubic Symphysis

Level 5 - The Skull, Upper Cervical, TMJ, Head Injuries and Lesions of the spine

Level 6 - Clinical applications in addition to clinical ADAPTATIONS


In level 6 there will be an exam to prove practitioner proficiency with the ELDOA techniques as well as a class graduation from the Soma ELDOA program

NOTE** The ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course and the ELDOA 1 Somatraining Course are DIFFERENT Courses! Please note that the LEVEL courses are part of the New ELDOA Program that has a completely different manual than the ELDOA 1 Somatraining Course. Please message us if you would like more information about this. Thanks!