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Posturology, the Squat & Mastering the Gravity Line


Event Date: November 24, 2017 12:00 p.m.

Early Bird Rates:

  • 9.09% until Nov 3, 2017

You will learn:
- how to assess your clients posture “the VOYER way”
- tools to address postural misalignments and imbalances
- tensegrity biomechanics relative to squatting and the importance of maintaining perfect gravity line
- where and how stress is placed upon both the musculoskeletal and visceral system during different ranges of the squat
- what muscles you need to engage and in what order, in order to facilitate correct myofascial tension throughout the body to distribute the load share and transfer the force via the 4 diaphragms of the body
- how to dissipate forces away from the weak points of your body (spine, knees etc.)
- how to emphasize the work of a specific muscle or group of muscles during the squat
- specific variations to squatting in order to achieve that
- how to apply and modify these techniques with common injuries such as disc hernias, patella femoral issues, ACL, PCL injuries, range of motion restrictions and many more.

Registration and Payment:

4 Course Package Discount Available! Contact us to find out more!

Early Bird - $1380AUD
Now - 3rd of November ($700 deposit to reserve this price)

Full - $1518AUD
After 3rd of November (payment in full)