• $299.00
    Is it time you hit the reset button? This 8 week transformation program is exactly that! A program I have put together to take you through 8 weeks of learning and putting into practicethe best things I have learnt over the 17 years of being in the health and fitness industry to get you to completely transform your life for the better.
  • $1050.50
    Upper Limb and Trunk There are hundreds of specific exercises, which can solicit the proximal, distal, medial, lateral, middle, superficial or deep portions of each muscle (i.e. deltoids, quadratus lumborum) in the upper extremities and trunk. The thorough details that are covered in this class will allow for an understanding of the numerous exercises that target specific areas of the upper limb and the trunk. Students will learn and gain a deep understanding of the function of these muscles relevant to optimal joint mechanics with numerous tools to implement whether it is to correct movement mechanics or improve performance. Help those with frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, kyphosis, and more with these very specific reinforcement exercises.
  • $658.90
    This two-day seminar is the first certification course of the newly organized 6 Level ELDOA Program. The ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course introduces the foundational principles and classic ELDOA postures developed by Guy VOYER DO, for personal and professional application. Designed for Therapists, Trainers, Coaches, Athletes and any person regardless of their background, the ELDOA Level 1 Courses will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the methodology and ability to effectively apply these techniques for enhanced spinal health, posture, performance recovery and the many other unique benefits of the ELDOAs. You will walk away from the course with the ability to confidently perform and teach these complex exercises to help heal back pain and improve disc health.
  • $1518.00
    In this course Dr VOYER will spend the first day with an insight to posturology, and its implications on the health and function of the body as a whole. He will cover various techniques that you’ll be able to use when assessing a patient or client to help you give a direction you’ll need to take with them. Following that, he will spend the second and the third day elaborating on the mechanics of a biomechanically sound squat relating it and its benefits to visceral health, energy consumption, common pathologies, corrective exercise and athletic performance. This is a workshop where what’s taught in the lectures is being practiced in the practice sessions giving you a kinesthetic experience at the same time. When done properly it can help back pain and knee pain, when done the way it is generally taught and performed by many at the gym, it can create pain and dysfunction. An accurately performed squat is an essential part of many back, hip and knee rehabilitation program. This course consists of in-depth lectures combined with practice periods where students learn the specific progressions and variations of squatting. Incorporating these unique techniques into any rehabilitation and/or training program will ensure exceptional results for your clients in both pain management and performance enhancement.
  • $3969.00
    Year 1: 7-9 APR 2017 - Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscles & Thoracic Diaphragm 23-25 JUN 2017 - Strengthening of the Lower Limbs 25-27 AUG 2017 - Strengthening of the Upper Limbs & Trunk 24-26 NOV 2017 - Global Movement and Posturology – The Squat